Black Lust Review + Interview with Karyn Gerrard + Giveaway

Reading Romances: How was the transition from being an author to having your first title published?
Karyn Gerrard: It  happened so quick I am still reeling! I was offered my first contract  in March 2011 and it feels as if I have been on a roller coaster ride  ever since. I am starting to feel a little more grounded now and am  slipping into a more comfortable groove. I honestly didn’t think it  would happen this fast. I’ve been lucky and I am very grateful. I have  fulfilled a lifelong dream, how cool is that?

Please tell us which authors do you consider your romance “goddesses” and your favorite fictional couples?
Hard  to believe but even though I am a voracious reader I only started  reading romance five years ago. The first genre that pulled me in and is  still my favorite is Historical. It is no surprise that my first  novella effort had a historical hero! One of the first historical  novelists I read was fellow Canadian Mary Balogh. I soon became an  admirer of Lisa Kleypas and Anna Campbell for their heroes and the  emotion of their writing.
Favorite fictional couple, wow. I love  Marcus and Lillian from Lisa Kleypas ‘It Happened One Autumn.’ Also a  paranormal couple, Serena and Wraith from Larissa Ione’s ‘Passion  Unleashed’.
What do you find the toughest part about writing romance?
The hardest part? The heroines. I have no idea why but I connect  more with the heroes of my stories and it is very obvious, lol! My  critique partners and even editors have had to tell me to go back and  flesh out the heroine more. In my romance reading I prefer the heroes as  well. Chances are if a book has a strong, tortured, sexy hero I am  going to like it a lot.
Easy? Surprisingly, the love scenes and the  emotion surrounding it. No worries there at all. I can boast that my  love scenes have never been changed by my critter ladies or any editors.  So far, lol!

Black Lust has two characters finding their mates, how  did you come up with the idea of writing a short story using both of  them as protagonists?
Actually Black Lust was a submission to a  Halloween Anthology at Evernight Publishing. They sent it back saying it  had great potential but would work better as a novella or novel length.  They were right; I tried to shove too much plot into 9000 words.  Keeping the core story, I added extra scenes, gave Wolfram the secondary  character more of a plot and tied them all together. Ta da, a novella. I  resubmitted and they accepted it.  I have always loved paranormal  themes, the question of immortality, the agony of living different  lives, the torture of watching loved ones die. I touch on the themes in  this book and in the sequels.

Is there a possibility of a series in order for the secondary cast to have their own stories?
Funny  you should ask that! I already have two sequels written for Black Lust  and there are more plots swimming in my head for these characters. I  left it open so I could revisit secondary character Wolfram and I  certainly plan to do so. One of my top priorities in the new year is to  get these two sequels cleaned up, edited and submitted.
Do you have  plans to release a full romance novel?
I have three full-length  manuscripts that I wrote a couple of years ago. A Victorian historical, a  contemporary and a historical paranormal. They need major reworking.  Yep, I have a lot of editing in my future, lol! I like writing in  different lengths, different sub-genres and different time periods.  Keeps things interesting!

Your first title, Timeless Heart was a time travel romance so  I have to ask: If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back  to the past or into the future? Where would you go?
As long as this  was not a one way trip, I would love to go to the past. The Victorian  Age always fascinated me. Such a thin veneer of society and civility but  underneath was wretched poverty and true debauchery. There was one  prostitute for every four men in Victorian London.
I wouldn’t rule  out a fling with a handsome rake! I would also love to be waited on hand  and foot, breakfast on a tray, all that. I wouldn’t want to stay there  permanently, unless said rake turned out to be astounding in all ways!  *wink*

What makes a romance novel a great love story and how would you  define “romance”?
To me, it’s the deeply felt emotions. I know  everyone has different explanations of romance, erotic romance and  erotica. Right now I would say I write erotic romance. The deeply felt  emotions are there intertwined with really hot love scenes. To me, the  two go hand in hand. We remember the thrill of falling in love, the  intense feelings and the off-the-chart physical yearnings. We as readers  and writers for that matter can relive it through a romance novel. Romance  encompasses the ups and downs of obtaining that one true love. We are  swept away into the adventure, larger than life heroes (and okay,  heroines), drama and always that happily ever after.


Black Lust
by Karyn Gerrard

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November 16th 2011 by Evernight Publishing

Lucius Black lives a debauched and wild nightlife. Being a ‘Quarter’ (1/4 vampire), blood and sex are what he is. However, his existence wears thin after a century of hedonistic pleasure.
Trevina Patterson lives a quiet, happy life running a hair salon in a village on the east coast of the United Kingdom. It was a perfect life and all she could ask for, until a chance encounter with Lucius Black.

What was it about him that was so unsettling and yet so attractive?

For Lucius, no woman had ever been enough, until Trevina. She awakened in him feelings he had not thought possible. Passions considered by him to be little more than vampiric mythology. She awakened his…black lust.



Trevina strolled up the stone walkway and knocked at the door. It was ajar, so she stuck her head in. “Hello? Anyone here?”

No one answered so she took a hesitant step across the threshold. Oh brilliant, it had hardwood floors and a fireplace. She felt the nearby wall, plaster, but with a fresh coat of paint. It was clean and bright. She imagined where she would place her few sticks of furniture when a deep voice boomed from the hallway.

“Who the hell are you, and what do you want?”

Her head turned toward the direction of the irritated voice. Her breath caught in her throat. A stunning looking man stood opposite her, his legs apart, and his arms crossed. He was in black leather from his long coat to the skin hugging leather pants and black boots. A tight black T-shirt accentuated rock-hard pectorals.

Trevina assumed this stunner looked like a fallen angel or a sexy demon, maybe both. At least that is how they seemed in the movies and on the telly. He had full red lips no man should possess and a scruffy days-old beard and chiseled handsome features. But it was his eyes, the same silver-gray as the sky over a stormy North Sea. They were very large and expressive, framed by long black eyelashes. She imagined the lashes were as soft as mink. He appeared dangerous, and she should be scared, but those eyes had her locked in a searing sexual Svengali-like gaze. He exuded perilous detachment. Impenetrable, guarded, and shielded from emotions. Why she sensed all that, she had no idea.

Instead of running to her scooter for safety, she stepped forward holding out her hand. “Trevina Patterson. Do you own this lovely cottage?”

The man stared down at her hand as if deciding whether to take it. He uncrossed his arms, took her hand and shook it. His hand was large, masculine, and very warm. His touch almost brought her to her knees it was so potent. His thumb stroked the top of her hand in a gentle circular motion. A slight sly smile curved his ruby red lips. She tried to bite back a moan but a shaky exhale escaped her throat. He let go of her hand. She felt anger mix with the intoxicating attraction. Did he get off making women react to him, especially women who were not beautiful? She knew she wasn’t. She accepted her blunt-plain features years ago; it saved her plenty of heartache.

“No, it belongs to a cousin of mine. I was looking at it, deciding if I was going to rent it. Why do you ask, Trevina?”

He used her first name. Oh, he was skilled at seduction. It dripped like molten honey in his voice, and she noticed he didn’t have a British accent. She moved closer to him. She would show this sexy leather clad demon she wasn’t intimidated. She looked up at him. Bloody hell, he was tall. “I would like to rent it myself. What’s your name?”

He crossed his arms again, a defensive posture to be sure. “Lucius Black.”

She couldn’t help but smile. The name fit him like a leather glove.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Something amusing?”

She bit her lower lip. “No. Nothing. So I’m out of luck apparently.”

He shifted his stance so he was, just inches away. Her breasts brushed by his impressive muscular chest causing a gush of liquid between her legs. He stared down at her, and his warm breath fanned her cheeks like the incendiary breath of a dragon. A damned sexy one. He exuded a spicy, woodsy scent that was bloody appealing. Warm flickering flame, fire and brimstone perhaps?

“I would not say that,” he whispered sensually.


Black Lust is a strong paranormal tale, and not what you would expect from one! It was much more than I hope it would be.

The characters are very well build. I enjoyed Wolfram’s part of the story too, but I wanted to see more scenes between Lucius and Trevina. The world building is enough to support the novella, and I would have loved to have read this title would be a full length novel, it certainly has all the right elements – even to a series! I want more!



*I have received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review*


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Karyn has a PDF copy of her paranormal novella BLACK LUST or her first title, TIMELESS HEART, up for grabs, just answer one of the following questions:

To win BLACK LUST: What is it about paranormal heroes that appeal the most to you, if anything?

To win TIMELESS HEART: If you could travel in a Time Machine where would you go?

 Also, if you are on Facebook, Stop by and ‘like’ Karyn’s author page. Mention you ‘liked’ Karyn in your comment and you get another chance at winning! Good luck to all!
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52 thoughts on “Black Lust Review + Interview with Karyn Gerrard + Giveaway



  2. Paranormals are definitely my faves. I love the alpha, strong, sexy, dangerous, protective heroes! A sexy vampire, a yummy shifter, a hot demon, etc really is my idea of a hero!!!
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com


  3. I have to say the thing that really appeals about a paranormal hero is that they are larger than life despite their very ‘human’ emotions and actions. It is like the feel more, love more, hurt more…very sexy and appealing.

    And Karyn I second your feelings about Marcus and Lillian. I adored that entire Wallflower series but that couple stood out for me as well.


  4. I love paranormal heroes. They are strong, hopefully good, great lovers, and vulnerable all in one.

    Karyn, I liked you on Facebook as Cathy Estabrook Phillips.

    kscathy at yahoo dot com


  5. Gayl, so true, everything seems heightened with a paranormal hero, larger than life in more ways than one ! ;D

    I loved Marcus, maybe because he was not drop dead gorgeous or over 6 feet tall. But an ordinary guy who oozed sensuality nonetheless. Great hero. And Lillian wasn’t bad either! 😀


  6. What is it about paranormal heroes that appeal the most to you, if anything?
    They’re strong,sexy,mysterious and super protective alpha males.Yet,they have a soft side they try to hide.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. What is it about paranormal heroes that appeal the most to you, if anything?

    Not being “simple people”, paranormal heroes have additional powers and consequently they are more appealing to my because they’re different from ordinary guys, they can do things others can’t and they make the heroine feel special, because she’s won his love. By doing that, they make a reader (me 😉 ) feel special as well! If it makes sense to anyone, of course.


    1. Gra-ach,

      I thing that is part of the appeal of paranormal as well, they are not simple on any level. And they do make the heroine feel special which in turn makes us feel special, well put~Makes sense to me! Thanks for commenting~


  8. I love paranormal heroes because they are generally alpha males. They are generally protectors. They are generally very sexy, sexual persons, and very gorgeous. I love to think that there might be something inhuman out there like vamps and weres.
    If I could be in any time period I would love to go to late 1800’s. I love the fashion and the parties. Times were much more simple.
    I like Karyn on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.


    1. Chris,

      Alpha with a tender protector side appeals to women big time. It certainly does to me!
      Oh, the Victorian Age, my favorite. If I could go back and indulge in the dresses and parties I would love that too!
      And YAY for liking on FB! Extra entry for you, thanks Chris~


  9. I like the heavy influence of instinct on paranormal heros. Particularly shape shifters.

    If I could travel back in time, I would want to go meet my great-great-great grandmother, who legend has it was a cousin of Ulysses S. Grant & one of 3 Grant sisters who married 3 Vaughn brothers all on the same day.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at


    1. Kathryn, good point about the instinct on paranormal heroes!

      Wow, fascinating about your g-g-g grandmother, I love genealogy. You know, there might be a great story to be told there!

      And YAY for liking, another entry for you, thanks for commenting!


  10. If I could travel in a Time Machine I would go to sometime in the Victorian era… I just love all of the frivoloty in the clothing and their customs and mannerisms. I know it sounds weird and I wouldn’t dream of staying there, but I would like to have experienced it:)

    Happy Holidays!!!


    1. Yadira,

      Oh good, another for the Victorian Era! I’m with you, going back for a visit would be great, staying permanently, not so much. YAY for liking on FB, another entry for you and Happy Holidays to you as well~


  11. To win BLACK LUST: What is it about paranormal heroes that appeal the most to you, if anything?
    Well what attracts me to paranormal books is the forbidden love that is in denial from one or both but wind up loving each other at whatever cost. It is suspense to see if they are going to hook up or just go with it. I love a happy ending but not all books can be happy endings. But paranormal books vamps and weres,, are really hot. Blows twilight like if was comic book for kids. Paranormal books that goes into detail makes the story pop out in front of your eyes and you just can’t stop staring (reading) have to know what is going to happen next. Those I love.

    anaitorres87 at yahoo.


    1. Hi Ana,

      Great explanation on paranormal heroes and the genre in general. They are hot, everything is so heightened, the senses, the sex and the emotions. And the forbidden!
      YAY for liking on FB, extra entry for you! Cheers and thanks for commenting, Ana!


  12. Hello Karyn!
    I love paranormal, supranatural stories.
    And if i could travel in Time Machine I think i will go to France when Marrie Antoinnette alive. Or in Majaphit Emporium era when Patih Gajah Mada sworn Sumpah Palapa (that is Indonesian history ^^).



  13. I like to swtitch things up from he contemporary romance that 98% of the time I am reading.

    for time travel i like the 1930’s or even back to 1700’s

    great interview thanks for sharing.
    Happy holidays.


    1. Hi Julie!

      Oh the 1930’s, that would be cool. the 1700’s would be adventurous as well. A sexy pirate comes to mind. ;D thanks about the interview and liking on FB, extra entry for you~


  14. I love the except that you posted “Black Lust”, I loved reading it. Paranormal is that it gives the characters abiliies to do anything that appeals to the story line.
    I love reading of shapeshiters and vamipers. The time peroid is always good to see what that period is like.
    Loved your interview also.


    1. Thanks cky15 about the excerpt, so pleased you enjoyed. I agree giving the heroes abilities beyond the human only enhances their appeal. I like shapeshifters as well, there is always that inner beast.
      Cheers about the interview and thanks for commenting!


  15. paranormal romance is great – the characters are always found in unusual circumstances the men are always yummy – strong and protective! Vampires and shapeshifters are my favorites. If I could time travel I would love to go back in time to Scotland – Some of my favorite historical romances are from around that time and I would love to see it firsthand!


    1. Lynne, I agree, the unusual circumstances really adds to a paranormal story and makes the men all the more protective and yummy.

      Oh, I am with you on Scotland, I love just about any book with ‘Highlander’ in the title. Mix in time travel and wow. Love Karen Marie Moning’s books for this reason. Hunky man in a kilt gripping a huge sword? *cough* love it. Thanks for commenting!


  16. Paranormal heroes are, in one word, amazing. They are of another world that transports you out of mundane reality and takes you on a fantastic journey. The male heroes are simply put, sexy and I ADORE that alpha male that we seem to meet most often in these hot stories. Thank you for the opportunity to win Black Lust….can’t WAIT to read it!!!


    1. Deanna, exactly. It’s otherworldly and transports you into a fantasy realm out of the mundane. Alpha all the way, with layers of tenderness underneath. Cheers and thanks for commenting~


  17. Paranormal heroes are more instinct driven, and extremely loyal to their one. they don’t cheat, are very protective and always sexy. They are usually alphas, but can be betas and still retain all the characteristics of the alpha.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I want Black Lust please.
    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com


    1. Renee, oh yeah, loyalty is a big part of the allure. Having some 6’5 muscular hunk of paranormal man go all protective on you, who could resist? For all my independence, I know I wouldn’t!

      Thanks for entering~


  18. The things about paranormal heroes that appeal the most to me are that they are sexy and i also really love that they are strong and vulnerable at the same time.

    If i could travel in a Time Machine i would go back to the time in which myths(Indian or Greek or anyothers) took place and see whether they are true or well..just myths 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaways!!



    1. Sweety,

      that’s it that appealing mix of strength and vulnerability makes them wonderful as heroes.

      That is cool, travel back and check out the myths, that would be exciting, good choice!

      Thanks for commenting!


  19. I like paranormal heroes, beacuse they’re different from the other genres I read. I read historical, contemporary, mystery and others.

    I liked you on FB – Andrea Infinger



  20. If I could travel in a time machine I would go to the past. I’d love to visit my grandparents and get to know them better. And then, I’d travel to the future, just to see what happens…


    1. Iriel,

      What a fantastic idea to use a time machine for, I also would love to go back and visit my grandparents, see them young and just starting out. The future would be fun as well, Thanks for commenting!


  21. What I like about the paranormal heros is the exciting facts about vampires. Also fascinated with the scary, suspense, sexy, etc. just thinking about it.

    Travel back in time I would like to go back to when the old days of Land Grab. Or maybe back earlier in time with Kings, Dukes and Queens. I guess any period of time.

    I liked Karyn on facebook


    1. Donna,

      Paranormal heroes are all those things, scary and sexy for sure.

      Wonderful for the time travel, that would be interesting!

      And YAY! Extra entry for liking me on facebook, cheers Donna~


  22. Hey Karyn! To win Black Lust: when it comes to paranormal heroes is their so mesmerizing, they have these instincts to protect, to be headstrong and somewhat stubborn, to get exactly what they want. Their is this driving force that they give off that grasps and holds my attention, this otherness that makes them more than humans, something interesting and special. Its my favorite genre.To win Timeless Heart: I would like to meet Jesus, just to watch him from birth to his sacrificial death. I would like to see for myself the whole unadulterated facts of who he his. If not then i would like to go back to the time of the dinosaur, to see the earth when it was young and experience it wonders, i think i would really like that.
    Happy Holidays!


    1. Happy Holidays to you!

      Exactly, paranormal heroes can be stubborn and a lot is tied in with their need to protect. It is VERY appealing!

      Interesting time travel adventures! I agree it would be fascinating, thanks for commenting!


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