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Every Couple of months I organize a Romance Giveaway Hop here at the blog, the next one will be:

Sign Ups Will Always Start A Month Before The Event


The Small Blogs Big Giveaways is event that I organize at http://smallblogsbiggiveaways.blogspot.com/ and happens once a month (except December).

Sign Ups Will Always Open After The Last Event Has Ended.


I was orginally gonna name them “these are a few of my favorite things”, like the song from The Sound Of Music, but then I had the scrapbook idea! The concept is to show through pictures a few of their favorite things and some curiosities about their books or blogs!

This feature will be posted on thursdays – twice a month or weekly!

Fill the form bellow to participate!


Have you ever forgotten the name of  a book? And now you just HAVE to know it?

Reading Romances will be your fairy godmother!

Send the information you remember about the book to  and I’ll write a post dedicated to it! And you my dear reader, can help a fellow reader remember a book title! Maybe he’ll help back someday ;]



Subtitle This Cover is a new weekly event/meme here at Reading Romances where I ask YOU, dear reader, to subtitle a book cover! The best subtitles will be posted here next week and a poll will be created, the winner for the best subtitle will be featured on the following week’s post!If you don’t have a blog, please leave a comment with your subtitle!


• Create a post with your subtitle(s), as many as you want, for this week’s book cover.

• Feel free to use the event’s badge!

• Link to this post by using the inlinz bellow (the blue frog)! Please link to the post not the blog.

• You have the full week (till next thursday) to participate.

• Please consider following me or liking my page!

Do you have a cover suggestion? Email me at 



I had the idea to continue the work of this blog: http://bettysbookchats.blogspot.com, where basicaly, you could choose one of the books avaliable and could sign up for chatting in a scheduled time.

So what I’m doing is: If you wanna read with me, you can sign up and we’ll chat about it! Or you can participate by leaving a comment if you can’t make it to the chat!

You can comment on the book of the week by reviewing it, talking about what you liked and/or didn’t like, discussing the characters, a scene you liked, talking about the author, quoting a few lines etc.  And if you haven’t read the book, you can talk about if you’d like to read or not, your opinion of the book based on the blurb, or something like that. As long as it relates to the book, it’s very welcomed!

  • Chats will be tuesdays at the time is most convenient for most readers!
  • Choose the books you wanna read.
  • Sign-ups will be open until the day before the book chat.
  • On the day before the chat, I will email all participants with the chat room link, password and time, so please remember to let me have your email address one way or another. You will not be able to receive the link and password if I don’t have your email address!!
  • When you’ve gotten the link and the password, sign into the chat room on the designated time, and chat away!


  1. Please play nice. Be respectful to each other, and no personal insults to others or to their opinions.
  2. No SHOUTING. Using all CAPITAL LETTERS is considered shouting and is rude.
  3. Please stay on topic at all times. There’s plenty of time for you to socialize outside of the book chats. Don’t even talk about other books unless they relate to the current book being discussed.
  4. It will be helpful and make your discussions more satisfying if you prepared a short list of things that stood out to you in the book and that you want to talk about.
  5. Don’t be afraid to share. This is what the book chat is for, we want to know how the book affected you and what you got out of it.
  6. Have fun! Enjoy the chats!

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