I lied my way into a band, humiliated them on stage, and got my heart broken by the bassist. Now…we’re on tour together.

Of course my dad, who I haven’t seen since he kicked me out, makes a surprise visit the day before we leave. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go well. I have to quit the band and go to college or he’s cutting me out of his life for good.

This tour is the best opportunity we may ever have – and it’s already a disaster. We’re broke. We can’t stop fighting. And being in such close quarters to Sean isn’t exactly helping me get over him. Even though we’re just friends now, every time our fingers brush or our eyes catch, my heart betrays me. He’s the kind of distraction I can’t afford to have right now…no matter how much I wish things were different.

This is one road trip that will be hard to forget…


Encore was the first time I read anything by author. I didn’t know it was the second book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone.
I was excited with the premise, I thought it fresh, and it had a great start but there was a lot going on, too much for only one book. I liked that the author chose to approach the struggle young bands go through in a real way. The main twist was very predictable, it was so repetitive that started to bother me. Even though all of the band members are over 18, except for the heroine, it feels more YA than NA. They were very immature.  
The interactions between the main couple were my favorite parts, the chemistry between them was great. Sean was a great hero but I wanted to read more about him. Of course that I always want the romance to be the focus of the story, and there was little romance here.
 I feel like reading the first installment now and try to get to know Sean a little better.
 I voluntarily reviewed an eARC of this book.

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