Once you slap the hell out of the light heavyweight champion of the world on the night of his first loss, how do you convince him to give you an interview? That’s the dilemma Samantha Wellington finds herself in after turning down the most desirable yet foul-mouthed athlete she’s come across. Unfortunately for her, her job depends on getting his interview and this boxer’s not talking.

When Trent “The Punisher” Page is humiliated by the spunky reporter, then cornered for an interview, he does what he does best: he plays dirty. He didn’t earn his nickname for being nice, after all. If the little minx wants to know more about him, she’ll have to pay with the one thing she’s not willing to give – herself.

Her elements of surprise meet their match in his determination to succeed. With vastly different motivations, can they break down the enemy without jeopardizing themselves?



A quick and fun read.

I could easily relate to Samantha and I think most women will. Trent, on the other hand, might be just too much for some readers. His level of cockiness and arrogance were off the charts! I’m not a huge fan of alpha males but I kept reading because I was enjoying the plot and the chemistry between the main couple.  The sexual tension was there but I was glad the author didn’t exaggerate on the sex. Some novellas make it all about the sex, and this wasn’t the case.

Going the Distance was an easy read with a steady pacing. It was my first read by Mila Rossi and won’t be the last one.



 I voluntarily reviewed an eARC of this book.

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