F*ed up?
Two of kind?

After arriving at her estranged mother’s new home, Karley’s not only taken back by the luxurious lifestyle her mother now lives in but also by her stepfather’s two sons, Justin and Joe. The Osborne boys have a reputation around town for being wealthy, beautiful, and getting any girl they choose.

It’s a surprise to all, including Karley, when Justin turns his charm on her. He says he feels drawn to her and showers her with attention and adoration. They begin dating long distance, and every trip home draws her deeper into their torrid relationship. But not everyone is happy about this decision—especially Justin’s older brother, Joe.

Joe not only voices his disapproval, but also silently challenges Justin for Karley’s affection. Karley is soon drawn to both brothers, enjoying their attention —one openly and the other behind closed doors.

As one brother consumes her heart, the other consumes her thoughts. Unfortunately for Karley, both brothers harbor a deadly secret, one that links them to the recent killings of several girls. Karley is left with a decision to make: which brother to trust and which one to fear as the Osborne brothers’ true personalities are brought to light, all racing to a shattering conclusion. 





I’m frustrated with this book.

It had all the elements to be awesome, the premisse and the writing were good, but I had problems with the character development.

It was sad to see how Justin turned into a controlling and jealous boyfriend while Karley kept doing nothing about his progressing behavior!  But nope, she chose to pretend nothing was going on, putting it all aside, and why? Just because she was getting some? I was so mad! I loft my faith in Karley as she was oblivious to all the huge red signs telling her something was messed up.

The title should be Stepbrothers – the game they play. I had the feeling both of them were playing games with her, intentionally or not, and so did Karley. And that’s why I believe the guy she ended up with should have done something earlier about the problem, as he could foresee, but chose not to prevent it? And not because it was Karley, any other character, because it was the right thing to do! It just felt wrong.

The sex scenes were hot and the suspense kept me hooked and wanting to know what really happened. It had a strong beginning but I was highly disappointed by how it ended.



I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.



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