It’s been a while since I last wrote a topic discussion. I was inspired to write this after receiving many requests on facebook and twitter. Anna has also written a post about it here!

Btop10.pngloggers and authors can have a great time working together, even build a nice friendship (we love that!). It all depends on how you decide to make that first contact. Here you’ll read some tips and check some do’s and don’ts, hope you find them useful! Use them well…


* Request to share or tweet about your book: I get these ALL THE TIME, I don’t even bother to reply if we’ve never talked before.
Tweet: {Amazon book link} Could you please support….
…Please share my book with your readers {Amazon Link}…
…Can you please share my sale on your page? I would greatly …appreciate it!
…I’d be so honored and grateful if you could share the news on your Facebook wall about my price drop…
…Would you like to review my book…

* Send a review request via social media. You’re doing it wrong! Every blog has a review request page including the best way to contact them. Take a few minutes to go to their blog and look for it.

* Ask for a feature via social media (interview, guest post, cover reveal, blog tour etc). Same reasons as explained above.

* Write “Dear Blogger”, “Dear Reviewer”, or “Dear” anything else that doesn’t include the blogger’s name. It matters to us!

* Send mass emails and the person sending them doesn’t BCC the email addresses. It’s polite to keep them private.

* Include a copy of your book with the request. Ever. It can make a blogger feel very pressured and can come off a little rude even without meaning too. While it won’t bother all reviewers it’s best to wait until after the review request has been accepted by the blogger.


* Look for a Requests Page. Every blog has a requests page.Take some time to visit their blog and search for it. It will usually include what types of books or posts they’ll take on and how they prefer to be reached. FOLLOW THIS. When bloggers receive requests not included on that page, it is obvious the author either didn’t check or ignored their preferences.

* Check for a blogger name. YES! Not all bloggers will have their name on their posts, but if it’s listed, use it. It is less likely to be ignored.

* Introduce yourself. “Hi,I hope you’re having a great day! My name is… and I write…. I’m contacting bloggers today…”, write how you found out about the blog, what you’re looking for and why you chose this blog to feature your work. This will absolutely make your request stand out. It’s way better than “Reviewer, please find the sign up for my tour…”, it’s rude and impersonal. Make sure you never forget to include your author picture, bio, and social media links, makes our life MUCH easier!

* Socialize. It’s okay to follow blogs, to like posts and interact with them on social media. Bloggers LOVE the interaction. But don;t be pushy and ask for a feature right away, build a smooth relationship…
Send the material requested if you’re writing a guest post or any other feature. Send it at least a week before it will be posted, and the blogger will have time to work without hurry.

If you follow those I promise you’ll have a better chance at getting a positive reply from the blogger. Good luck 😉

6 thoughts on “Top 10 tips for authors contacting bloggers!

  1. Excellent advice. Of course, I ignore all the messages on FB that I get on my page. Most authors know that they can just post but the ones that don’t follow basic instructions on FB, nope. I just ignore you.


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  2. Great post!! I really hate when authors don’t use my email listed on my blog to contact me. I don’t want to be contacted via twitter to review a book. I think it’s nice when authors take a minute to go view my blog and see if it’s a good fit for their book. Especially because I list there if I’m currently accepting books to review and what genres I prefer to review. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to review a book that I state on my blog that I don’t really read and I don’t accept for review.

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