Reading Romances January Challenge

What is this post about?! What is this event? HOW CAN I JOIN? Click here and find out!

Welcome to our first challenge of the year, yay! We’ll start slow and simple, things will get more exciting on the next few months, don’t worry. You can post or link your reading list by leaving a comment, and in case you have any questions I’ll be back by the end of the week (vacation time!), so don’t feel like I’ve abandoned the blog, I’ll be back soon ❤

P.S: Giveaways for the challenge will NOT be posted with the jan challenge post, you’ll have to keep an eye on the blog for your special giveaways! ; )

This month you can choose between the following options:

– Read a book that is first of a series, by an author that is “new” to you or a debut novel by an author.


– Read a romance that has a teen as the protagonist.


– Read an Erotic Romance or Erotica.

And let me know which topic(s) you’ll choose!

Add your reviews here: 

Just in case you are curious, I’m accepting 2 topics this month! Stay tunned cause I’ll review them at the blog!


47 thoughts on “Reading Romances January Challenge

  1. I’m going to read Evermore -it’s first in the Immortal series, has a teen protagonist plus I’ve never read anything by Alyson Noel. It’s perfect for this challenge.


  2. I am reading a book by a debut author, Lecia Cornwall,
    SECRETS of A PROPER COUNTESS. It is sooo good, I’m dying to finish it! If I’d read more and leave the puter alone I’ll finish much sooner!


  3. I’m going for Option 1. I’m going to read The Next Always, which is Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1 by Nora Roberts (who is also new to me, first time I’ll read one of her books).


  4. I went for option 3. I just finished reading Claimed by K.R. Smith, who is a new author to me. The book was amazing and I wish it had gone on longer. I guess I just have to find the other books. (this was an e-book gotten from


  5. I went for one and three.
    I chose Covet by Felicity Heaton. A Paranormal erotica.
    (who is also a new author to me)
    I’m also reading Busted in Bollywood by Nicola Marsh. Contemporary romance, and also a new author to me.

    Sorry I’m late posting. Have fun all!


  6. I picked them all because I just finished reading Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020) by Saewod Tice, which was a new other for me and the book was about a teen. I picked Option 3 also because I have a few books in my Kindle that I haven’t read yet that will fit that category.


  7. Not sure what I’ll pick yet since I just joined the challenge, but I have already read a new author’s first in a series this month: Lisa Kessler’s NIGHT WALKER. I have a few more firsts in my cloud right now. And I’m going to find a great Erotica to try out. I didn’t check the box for a teen protag, but if I get a chance, I’ll read one of those, too.


  8. Just finished my first book on the challenge! Heart Of The Dragon by Gena Showalter you can check the review out here: This classifys as option 1 for me as she is a new to me author.

    I have also selected option 3 and am going to read an erotic romance too this month. I have selected to read: June Bug by J.T Harding please follow the link for the Goodreads page: – I love the fact that this is based in New England and i will be visiting there in September =) Will link to my review once it’s read, have a couple of others to read before this one but i will read it by the end of the month.


  9. I’ll choose first option, that is “Read a book that is first of a series, by an author that is “new” to you or a debut novel by an author.”
    I’m going to read Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) by Jeaniene Frost.


  10. Well after saying i will read my option 3 book towards the end of the month i craved something short last night so i read it lol! You can read my review here:

    I have now selected option 2 and my book for that will be Shadowland, the 3rd book in Alyson Noel’s Immortals series, teen protagonist + romance (albeit dark and paranormal lol!!)


  11. I went with Heist Society by Ally Carter, teen protagonists.
    This book probably wasn’t officially classified as romance, because the main plot is more of an adventure with a much bigger focus than a couple of teenagers falling in love, and yet I enjoyed the characters and the way they grew together as the stress of the job put stress on the friendship and budding romance.

    Without adding spoilers or giving it all away, I’ll just say that I zipped through this book. The characterization, the globe trotting setting, the money – the ART! It was a fascinating plot, a delightful and exciting read.


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