Interview with Christine Young + Giveaway

Reading Romances:  What was your most rewarding experience since being published?

Christine Young: The most rewarding times are when readers tell me how much they like a book I have written. Books are your babies and we don’t like criticism, only compliments.

2. How would you describe the target audience for your books?
Women over 18 years of age who are in love with history and likes to live and fantasize about the past probably make up the bulk of my target audience. Love of castles and knights in shining armor coupled with a happy ending would be another target.

3. What books/genres do you read when you have the chance?
I usually read the books my daughter suggests. So of course I’ve been through most of the Harry Potter books and all of the Twilight series. At the moment I’m reading The Game of Thrones: the first book Fire and Ice. I read my author/friend’s books and I’m looking forward to The Legacy series by Genie Gabriel, the first to be released in March 2012. I also enjoy fantasy and have read Dragons Among Us and Dragons Among the Eagles by C.L. Kraemer.

4. How do you like your heroes and heroines?
My heroes have to be very alpha. I like the tall, dark and rugged type. But they have to be gentle with the heroine. She has to come first no matter what is going on in his life. He will defend her to his death if need be.
The heroine has to be able to think on her feet and be strong willed. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. Sometimes, because she doesn’t know her physical limitations, she will get into trouble. This can be very true in a historical novel where the situation could mean survival of the fittest.

5. Tell us about your hero, Colin MacPherson, what do you think will make Callie Whitcomb and us, readers, fall in love with him? And can you tell us a little bit about their story that isn’t in the blurb?
Colin (Hawke) MacPherson is a hard-edged and jaded man who is driven by the need to see justice done. When Colin was a young boy he watched his father as he was brought to trial in an English court, convicted of a crime he did not commit then murdered in the name of the King’s law. He spends his formative years hoping for a chance to give his father back his good name.

Family, loyalty, and honesty are some of the traits that are most important to him. He dotes on his sister and even as head of the MacPherson clan, he gives her everything her heart desires. Yet there is an emptiness inside, a void that cannot be filled. His father’s death haunts him and only the right woman can heal the wrongs dealt his family.

Callie falls in love with him because he is honest and loyal. He puts her welfare before his own and he protects her with his life. His belief in her and her conviction that her father was innocent helps solidify their bond.

6. What’s your favorite scene or moment from HIGHLAND HONOR, and why? Can you describe it for us without giving too much away?
My favorite scene is the love scene on the Aphrodite with the moonlight shining on the ship. A little humor when Callie tries to climb the rope ladder to the ship in skirts and of course she is a bit fearful of heights. But Hawke goes all out in preparing for their first night of lovemaking. He sets the stage perfectly.

7. What are five fun facts about you or this book that readers would love to know?
I’m a retired high school math teacher in a writer’s world—go figure. I dabble in book cover designs and graphic arts. I walk/run marathons and half marathons—for fun? Well it is fun although very tiring.
Highland Honor—the merchant ship is named Aphrodite. The MacPhersons were merchants and fishermen.

8. If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world, which would it be?
The book I would jump into is usually the one I am working on at the time. I’m writing a contemporary right now and except for the fact they are in Paris, I don’t feel the same connection I do with the historical books I write. Since I just revisited Highland Honor, I think I would pick this book. I’m close to the characters and I would like to help them on their journey but know I would have to keep my thoughts to myself.

9. Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?
I am finishing a novella for an April Fools Anthology to be published in 2012. And I am working on the edits for Ghost Dance a book I wrote several years ago, which is actually my first book in the Lakota/Pinkerton series.

10. What makes a romance novel a great love story and how would you define “romance”?
Romance is all the clichés—all the little things—the flowers, candles, dinners, and movies; holding hands and remembering all of the wonderful times. It is also deeper. Romance is long lasting, timeless. It shows up when you see couples who have been married for 50 years.
A romance novel becomes a great love story when all of this is incorporated. When the readers knows this couple will be together forever, even in death. They are soul mates and would live a life unmarried if they hadn’t found each other.



by Christine Young


November 28th 2011 by Rogue Phoenix Press

Willfully stubborn, innocently courageous, Callie Whitcomb braves a journey through the treacherous highlands to the MacPherson castle. Callie flees from an unwanted marriage as well as her ruthless half brother. Naively she believes Colin MacPherson, the head of the clan, is loyal to her father and will give her sanctuary, protecting her from the vile plans that have been made for her.
As hard and as unyielding as the winter storms that sweep through the countryside, Colin is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has magically appeared on his doorsteps. Despite his vows of revenge against her father, she stirs his passion as well as his sense of justice…but to love her would violate all his vows of revenge.


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37 thoughts on “Interview with Christine Young + Giveaway

  1. Enjoyed reading your interview today. I like your detailed description of Hawke. They just don’t make men like him anymore! Guess I was born a few hundred years too late!


  2. I Love your description of your heroes as “alpha males”–tall, dark, and rugged. I never thought of it like that but that’s how I like my men, too. So I guess that I’m an alpha lover! Who knew? Thanks for the interview and the blog tour.


  3. I thought I posted a little while ago but it didn’t show up. I don’t do technology well. First I wanted to thank Reading Romances for hosting me. This is a wonderful sight. 2nd I want to thank all of those who looked at this blog and especially those who commented and left such nice comments about my interview as well as Hawke.

    This weekend I will post the winner of the clan MacPherson Bookmark. Please check back to see if you are the winner. I will post the winner on this site.


  4. Another great interview Christine. I love your description of Romance as well as Hawk. 🙂 Can’t wait to read Highland Honor. Thanks so much for the tour. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


  5. Thank you to everyone who commented and all the nice things you said about the interview and my characters. You know the books and people in them are like our babies.

    congratulations to wyngwhisper you have won the Clan MacPherson bookmark. Please email me at and leave your address so I can mail your bookmark.

    Everyone who commented here today will be placed in the drawing at the end of the tour for a $50.00 GC


  6. It am so hungry for some good books that touches me. Like laugh, cry, and feel the story.
    I am looking forward to reading your book.
    Great interview – nice to talk about romance.
    It is so nice to see older couple walking holding hands and wonder what it is that makes their relationship work for so long.
    Thanks for the giveaway


  7. I just love your definition of romance! I think I’m going to like reading your books if the stories are anything like how you’ve defined romance


  8. Hi Christine, glad to “meet” you and discover about your novel. I LOVE Scottish romances, Highlander heroes are the best and I especially love the honour/duty vs love/attraction dilemma 😀 Can’t wait to read Highland Honor!

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway! 🙂

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com


  9. Christine –
    I’m so glad that you participated in the hop because I had never “met” you before. Highland Honor sounds wonderful and I loved your excerpt and can’t wait to read the entire story.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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