Quatre by Em Petrova

by Em Petrova

October 14th 2011 by Breathless Press

Margot thought she had it all with her lovers Jane and Ethan Miller. That was until war hero Danny walked into their lives.

After months spent in the arms of the loving Jane and Ethan Miller, Margot feels she’s finally finding herself. She’s battled self-doubt and low self-esteem after her divorce and having both a man and woman’s attentions has given her completion. Or so she thinks.

When the dashing war hero Danny MacIntyre walks into her life, she’s thrown into a tailspin. While her heart slips into his hands, she knows part of it firmly remains with the Millers. As she devises a plan to unite them all, fear threatens to control her. Can she have two pieces of cake and eat her pie too?



Quatre is a highly sensual and erotic story. This book takes their relationship to another level with a such delicacy that you never doubt the characters and believe every scene that Em Petrova has written. Jane and Margot are so lucky! Danny is a complete surprise and I wish I could say more but I won’t dare spoiling the book! This author has the talent to bring reality to her stories and still keep it interesting, fresh and very emotional aswell.

This is one of my favorite ménage books and I’m very sad this is the last title of The French Chronicles. I highly recommend this series, all the books are fantastic!



And I’m giving this book (and this series) the rarest award! Nice job, Em!

The Golden Award – This is a very rare award! This one is given only to the best of the best. The quality and emotion are perfectly balanced. It’s a work of art.

Read my interview with Em Petrova here!


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