Giveaway Winners: SBBG5

And the winners are…

The first winner will choose 13 items from the prize list + US$10 gift card

Entry #1045J.C. Martin
The 2nd will choose 12 items after the 1st winner has chosen + US$10 gift card
Entry #1004angel
The 3rd will get 11 items after the 2nd winner has chosen +US$5 gift card
Entry #927Velvet Hubler
And the gift card winners are…
US$10  OR Barnes and Noble
Entry #694Dinky
Extra winner: US $5
Entry #1480Miranda Sherman

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The winners have 48 hours from the date the email is sent to reply and claim their prizes. If you do not contact me within two days a replacement winner will be selected. NO EXCEPTIONS.

And now it’s time to say another big thank you to our featured authors:

Want to be the first to be contacted when the sign ups start? Leave your info here and you’ll receive the information about the 5th edition: January 20 – 27.

Prize List (SBBG5):
(1)Angelfall Penryn & the End of Days: Book 1 by Susan Ee (e-book, Amazon Kindle only)
(1) Destiny Redeemed by Gabrielle Bisset (ebook)
(1) From the Dust by Ryshia Kennie (ebook)
(1) Stolen Destiny by Gabrielle Bisset  (ebook)
(1) Untitled by Jackie Chanel (ebook)
(1)Damian’s Assassin War of Gods: Book 2 by Lizzy Ford (Author) (ebook)
(1)Damian’s Oracle War of Gods: Book 1 by Lizzy Ford (ebook)
(2) Love at first sight by Vincent Zandri (ebook)
(1) The Remains by Vincent Zandri (ebook)
(1) The Cat Before Christmas by Lynn Michaels (ebook)


5 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners: SBBG5

  1. Thanks for the great book giveaway. Also, to the awesome writers.
    Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.
    Looking forward to going shopping for the book
    I have been wanting for mos.
    cheers. Congrats to other winners too.


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