Reading Romances News

Hello, everyone!

Starting this month my online friend, Kathy of Forever Book Lover, will guest review twice a month on sundays here at Reading Romances! Here you can read her review for The Viper by Monica McCarty. The blog is growing, just hit 1,000 twitter followers and it’s always great to have some help, right?

There’s also some giveaways going on: SBBG5, For Queen and Country, $50 Gift Card, please enter by leaving a comment, it’s so easy! I’ll post a new giveaway tomorrow and don’t forget to join the Romancing Christmas Giveaway Hop and the Reading Romances Challenge 2012 =D

Now I’m an amazon affiliate, wohoo! If you wanna buy a book that I reviewed or promoted here at the blog, please use the links at the post or before you search a book there, click the amazon link by the end of the left sidebar.If you’re an international reader, you can buy via my other affiliate, Book Depository; it has free shipping worldwide! The $ will go to giveaways for YOU!

Thank you, readers, for coming back to the blog and participating! Like our page on facebook if you haven’t already, and watch out for new events and I have a lot of cool stuff planned for next year! Can’t wait to share – and don’t worry, the Scrapbook feature won’t go anywhere!

Please welcome Kathy, everyone! You’re the best, thank you!

P.S: maybe I’ll plan something nice this week to celebrate 1.000 followers! Or one of the secret things planned for next year can be launched sooner…We’ll see…


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