Urban Fantasy x Romance by Liia Ann White + Giveaway

Author Liia Ann White talks about her book, Elora’s Match, Urban Fantasy and Romance:

When I began writing Elora’s Match, I intended it to be an urban fantasy – lots of paranormal elements, violence, blood, gore and action. But romance? No. Sure, there was going to be sex, but not romance, no life defining relationship for my dear Elora. That was, until Kadin waltzed into my brain and subsequently Elora’s life.

But I was left wondering if it would turn from an urban fantasy to a paranormal romance? I love paranormal romances, but it just didn’t feel right to write Elora’s story that way.

Only once I was aware of this little conundrum did I notice that the majority of urban fantasy novels I read contained romance. They weren’t romances, as such, but contained definite romantic elements and plots. That’s what I wanted to do. I just had to figure out how.

So I re-read my favourite series – Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid and Dark Swan series’, Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen series and Lilith Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine series – and studied. It’s not that I planned to write a story like one of theirs – let’s face it, I’m probably never going to be that good a writer, even in 50 years time – but I wanted to know how they did it. What their action to romance ratio was.

Since I wanted to have Elora’s Match e-published, I chose to submit to romance epubs. Which meant – yes that’s right – another rewrite to make it more of a romance. But I still wanted the romance to be an underlying story and not completely override the urban fantasy side of it. And with the help of Stacey Kennedy, I managed to create what she loves to call an urban fantasy romance. Though it may not be officially recognised as a subgenre of romance, a lot of readers and a few writers refer to books as urban fantasy romances.

There’s a lot of violence, action, supernatural beings, sex and romance. So, to be safe, I’ve been calling Elora’s Match an urban fantasy/paranormal romance cross.

What’s your opinion of urban fantasy and romance? Do you think there should be an official sub genre of urban fantasy romance?


Elora’s Match: The Different Saga Book 1

by Liia Ann White

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March 5th 2011 by Silver Publishing

Elora’s parents mysteriously disappeared when she was fifteen. She vowed to find answers – discover what really happened to them. But after twenty-five years of travelling the world she has come up empty handed. Feeling tired and lonely, she settles down in the city her best friend, Caleb, calls home. To lead a regular human existence for a while; like he does.
One problem; they’re not human. They’re Different – a rare supernatural race known for their beauty, strength and supernatural abilities.

Elora is lead to a man by a series of visions. Cue Kadin; powerful, sexy and also Different. He is her match – her soul-mate. Her life has never felt so complete.
But it’s not all good news. Elora must now deal with a rogue demon Elder hell-bent on taking over Lucifer’s reign over Hell. To succeed she needs to steal Elora’s power. When she’s facing the fight of her life, can Elora really trust Kadin?

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Settling in the living area, Caleb flopped on the couch and I stepped into the kitchen. I peered at him through the serving hatch. “Why did you stop using your abilities?”
“I haven’t needed to,” he said with a shrug. “Most people don’t seek trouble like you do.”
I frowned. “Ouch. I’m not that bad.”
He shot me a pointed look.
“Okay, I am. But it’s fun for me.”
“So much fun,” he retorted sarcastically.
“There is no better feeling than beating the life out of someone who wants to hurt you. Besides, sometimes you have to use force to get the answers you want.”
Caleb joined me in the kitchen, leaning over the breakfast bar while I grabbed a drink from the fridge.
“You’re not going to find out what happened.”
Caleb’s expression softened, more empathetic when I looked at him. He always disapproved of me putting myself directly in the line of danger, but I think he understood why I did it. His expression was similar to the one he gave when I told him I was leaving home. Heartbroken.
“Please don’t look at me that way.”
“I just want you to stay put for a while. I’ve missed having you around.”
“I’ve missed you too. You understand why I had to do it right?”
“I do.” He sighed. “But it’s been forty years, Elora. If you were going to find something, don’t you think you would have by now?”
Slamming my drink on the bench, I spilled liquid everywhere. “I can’t just give up, Caleb.”
“I know. I don’t want to upset you, it’s just hard seeing you like this. You’re so volatile and closed off. It’s not good for you.”

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25 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy x Romance by Liia Ann White + Giveaway

  1. I think that most genres cross over. No book I have ever read was strictly just one thing. Urban Fantasy Romance works for me.



  2. I like it when writers cross genres! I think it opens up whole new things to write about. I’m not sure if there should be a whole new genre for it, but I personally like some romance in my urban fantasy 🙂
    jwitt33 at live dot com


  3. Been following along with this tour and am in love with this book. I want to read this story. I want to find out what happens with her and Kadin. I think the other secondary characters sound great also like Caleb-her best friend and Max(think that is his name). Another guy she meets.(from a previous blog post). It looks like a great book and would love to win and read it.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.


  4. I know the publishers and libraries like hard and fast rules about genres. Helps with cataloging and such but as a reader, I think genres can mix, cross lines and be whatever the writer wants it to be. Each book is a square peg onto itself and can’t (or shouldn’t) be forced into the traditional round holes!


  5. I also like it when authors cross genres. It makes it more interesting to the reader. I liked the blurb and excerpt. Lia is a new author for me and I am putting Elora’s Match on my wish list. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck with your crossover books.


  6. As a reader I enjoy it when the genres cross. It makes it more interesting for me, just not the same old, same old. Thanks for the giveaway.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com


  7. I don’t have much reading experience with urban fantasy, but I do love romance with what ever genre I am reading!



  8. I love anything that has got to do with Paranormal or Urban Fantasy! Add in Romance and I’m swooned. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway. (I just hope I’m not too late)


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