Interview with Suzanne Rock + Giveaway

Reading Romances: How did you end up writing romantica?

Suzanne Rock: I didn’t pick romantica, it sort of picked me. I used to write mainstream contemporary and romantic suspense. Then, on a dare, I came up with the most outrageous first line to a story I could think of and wrote a novella around it. That story, Spyder’s Web, was my first published book. The rest, they say, is history. 😉

What are your “guilty pleasure” reads?
I don’t know if I have any guilty pleasure reads. I read all throughout the romance genre and also love to read thriller and fantasy novels. Right now I’m working my way through the Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and the Jim butcher Dresden files series.

How do you like your heroes and heroines?
I like strong, alpha males who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. I love heroines who at first appear weak, but then realize their inner strength and grow to become beautiful, independent women.

What’s your best line of dialogue for Unholy Pursuits?
There is a lot of verbal sparring in this story, and I love the interaction between the hero and heroine. One of my favorite lines comes up during one of their verbal jabs. The favorite bit of dialogue is shown in red.

“Stop calling me that. You’re not making any sense.” Nothing was making any sense. Why would she call him a deamhan? If only Darien could think past the throbbing in his skull. “What the hell is happening to me?”
“Look it up on one of those fancy FBI computers.” She turned her back and then called out over her shoulder. “If you can keep your dick out of the barmaids long enough to Google it.”

What are five fun facts about you or Unholy Pursuits, that readers would love to know?
♠ The Iatros, the new paranormal creature in Unholy Pursuits, is a blending of an elf from The Lord of the Rings, and a cleric from Dungeons and Dragons.
♠ The word “Iatros” is the Greek word for physician. Iatros in my story are healers and it is the Iatros heroine who ultimately heals the hero.
♠ Forests play a big theme in my stories, and Unholy Pursuits is no exception. I love being outdoors and in nature and I guess it reflects in my work. 😉
♠ Unholy Pursuits is part of a planned series. I hope to write at least two more books. I’ll write even more if people like them enough. 😉
♠ Unholy Pursuits was originally called A Demon’s Game. It started out as a novella and was rejected two years ago from Ellora’s Cave. I rewrote the story, lengthened it, then resubmitted it. It just goes to show that persistence pays off. 😉

What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve ever had?
The craziest? Gosh, I don’t know. I wanted to write a book about a sea serpent shifter once. I ended up ditching the idea because, well, sea serpents aren’t very sexy. 😉

Do your nearest and dearest know what you do, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out?
Yup, they all know. I use a pen name, but on the day of my first release, my husband announced it on facebook and provided a link, lol. He outed me. :p It’s hard to be mad, because he was so proud. Everyone around me was surprised that I KNEW about those sexy things in my stories, let alone wrote about them. Needless to say, my husband was the only one who wasn’t surprised. 😉

What’s your “aha” moment when writing a sex scene in a book – the point at which you realize you’ve captured the essence of a hot encounter?
I don’t normally have those moments, I’m too much into the scene. If I’m far enough away from the scene to think “Aha! This is it,” then its all is wrong. If I’m not present in the scene, then the reader won’t be, either.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming releases, or new projects that we can look forward to?
Sure, I have three more releases coming out.
The first, Whispers, is a paranormal ménage novella that takes place during the Victorian Era. It releases from Loose Id on November 22, 2011. Here’s the blurb:
Rose is skeptical when Lady Denville hires her to take care of some ghosts in her townhouse. She expects to find a nest of rats. Instead she finds two sexy spirits intent on fulfilling her every sexual desire. They introduce her to a whole new world of pleasure — and a curse that may destroy them all.

Lionel and Jonathan have been trapped in the townhouse for decades, waiting. When Rose walks in, they know that she is the one with the power to save them. The key to their freedom lies within reach, and both men must put aside their differences if they ever hope to break the curse that binds them to the townhouse. As the men set out to seduce Rose and gain their freedom, their sexual desire turns into something more. Now they must be honest with the woman they love, or stay imprisoned in the spirit world forever.

I have a non-fiction book coming out with Em Petrova on December 6, 2011. This book, entitled “Writing Sex When You Don’t Feel Sexy,” gives writers tips on how to write love scenes when their own life is anything but romantic. Here’s the blurb:
Have you ever had to write a smoldering love scene, and yet your heart just wasn’t in it? Does the thought of writing steamy sex make you cower in fear?
Erotic romance authors Em Petrova and Suzanne Rock talk about tricks that will not only put you in the mood to write great sex, but add depth and character to your scenes that will make them memorable for both your readers and you.

Finally, I have another ménage story, a contemporary romance called Velvet Steel, coming out from Loose Id in January 2012. Stay tuned for the back cover blurb. It will go up on my website soon. 😉

If someone were writing a story about  Suzanne Rock, what would your blurb say?
Her friends and family thought that she was straight-laced, analytical and logical. They couldn’t have been more wrong. 😉

And my last question that I always ask my interviewees: What makes a romance novel a great love story and how would you define “romance”?
I saw a great saying on facebook the other day concerning this. What did it say? It was something to the affect of “Romance isn’t seducing 30 different women over the span of a year, but seducing the same woman for 30 years.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement. True romance, to me, is a couple who sticks together, through thick and thin, good and bad, and loves each other just as much or more than they did when they first got together. The willingness to stick it out, to never give up, is true romance to me.



Unholy Pursuits
by Suzanne Rock

October 12th 2011 by Ellora’s Cave

Darien let his guard down once, and Arianne stole the demon stone from under his nose. Now he has to get it back, no matter what the cost. It doesn’t matter that the feisty redhead calms the voices in his head, or that her body tempts him beyond reason. Only the stone will ensure his survival. He decides to appeal to her feminine side and use gentle seduction to get it back. As he begins, something inside him changes, and the voices in his head compel him to use pain to heighten desire.

As Darien’s touch turns dark, Arianne’s lust escalates, and a connection forms between them. Yet despite her need, she can’t let the sexy FBI agent have what he wants. If placed in the wrong hands, the stone would release an unholy force intent on destroying everything she loves—including him.


Suzanne will be giving away winner’s choice of an eBook from her backlist to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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29 thoughts on “Interview with Suzanne Rock + Giveaway

  1. Snicker. Love that line, even if I had to google Deamhan myself to find out what it meant. Unholy Pursuits is on my wish list, which has just past the $200 mark, so even if I get lucky enough to win some of the book money ARe is giving away this month, I still can only afford slightly less than half.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at


  2. I laughed out loud at your little favorites excerpt: “If you can keep your dick out of the barmaids long enough to Google it.” Hilarious!!! I really want to read your book now 🙂


  3. Julie – lol, yeah, i cracked myself up writing that line. :p I’m glad you liked it. For the most part my writing is quite dark, but every once in a while, I come up with a one-liner that makes me smile. 😉 Hope that you like the story. 🙂


  4. Romantica = my own favorite word!! And the description of how you love your hero and heroine is JUST like my own.
    Guys *have* to be strong, imposing characters and swoon the girl away. But she has to resist (at first). And when they finally come together, I could swoon myself! 😉


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