A Book Blogger’s Scrapbook – Harlie’s Book Blog

Today our guest is Harlie fromHarlie’s Book Blog! We’ll see what she’s fanatic about, her favorite books and you’ll be surprised to know what’s her favorite movie!


1- Favorite book(s) The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy and Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood.  My love affair with Jack Ryan started with The Hunt for Red October and hasn’t stopped.  I will admit that I gave up on romance novels for awhile, but Julie Garwood’s Shadow Dance restored my faith in the genre and I have never looked back.

2- Favorite Authors:  Tom Clancy, Julie Garwood, Linda Howard and Mari Carr

3- Favorite Blogs:  Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Three Wicked Writers, The Book Vixen and Reading Romances

4- Favorite Song/Album:  Anything by Def Leppard and Van Halen.  I’m a true child of the early 80’s and hair bands in general.  I will never give up my Def Leppard or Van Halen collection.

5- Favorite place to read:  In bed, when the house is totally quiet

6- Favorite Movie:  Star Wars, episode 4 (the first one).  I remember my dad taking my younger brother and myself to see it not knowing what it really was.  I was ten years old and will never forget the experience and now my son loves Star Wars just like his momma.

7- Favorite TV Show:  Castle, The Closer, White Collar

8- Favorite Dessert:  Brownies.  I make the best in the word.  Of course, this is according to my son.

9- Favorite Drink:  Pepsi, Hazelnut coffee and sweet tea.  Hey I’m from the south.  Its a sin not to like sweet tea. 

10- Favorite hobby:  Reading

11- Favorite food:  Seafood and peanut butter…not together though  LOL!  I have a bad habit of eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon.  Best snack.

12- Other:  I’m a sport fanatic.  Love the Texas Rangers, Houston Texans, Dallas Stars, Oklahoma Sooners and Texas A&M Aggies

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Image credits:
 Star Wars...wikipedia.org
 Shadow Dance...juliegarwood.com
 OU logo...Oklahoma Sooners sports site

13 thoughts on “A Book Blogger’s Scrapbook – Harlie’s Book Blog

  1. Harlie –
    I love that Hunt for Red October is one of your favorite books! My husband was in the Navy during Vietnam and then joined the Navy Reserves. He was a crewmember on P-3’s when Hunt for Red October was released by Tom Clancy and bought a copy of everyone in the family that Christmas. Not only does he re-read it every few months but whenever the movie is shown on TV he watches it again!

    He had a lot of adventures being a “week-end warrior” but his favorite was when he got a picture of a Russian submarine as it was going thru the Strait of Gibraltar.

    My favorite genre is historical romance but needless to say I end up reading a lot of the books he loves as well.


    1. My dad got me turned on the Clancey and I’ve never looked back. I will admit though that sometimes he gets a bit too techie for me but I do love my Jack Ryan. He’s a tough, loveable and he will defend his country above all else. What else is there to love?

      Tell your husband THANK YOU for his service to his country and I salute you also as his wife and standing beside him.


  2. I loved Hunt for Red October and the whole Jack Ryan series but I’ll have to admit that I haven’t read any of the last ones to come out…pretty much stopped after Executive Orders..lol


    1. I’ll never grow up! And yes, I was in high school in the very early 80’s. Never had mall bangs, though. Too much hairspray. But I did wear acid washed jeans and I still have my jean jacket. Sad, I know.


  3. LOL! Awesome, Marika! Star Wars (now known as episode 4) was the first movie I ever saw in a theater 🙂 It’s still one of my favorites! And hooray for another child of the 80s! Woot! I confess I haven’t READ a Tom Clancy novel yet, although I did truly enjoy the Jack Ryan movies…


    1. The books are just as good but very detailed. In some parts of them, I just skipped because do I really want to know the inner workings of a nuclear sub. Not really but Clancey got it right when he wrote Jack Ryan. He is an all around hero that is smart, sexy and will lay down his life for his family, strangers and his country.

      This was a blast. I loved doing it.


  4. I read the Hunt for Red October for a book report in school. AFTER I was done I found out I only got half credit since it was a movie. I was upset since I never saw the movie and had honestly read the book.

    I had completely forgotten about that until now.


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