An Author’s Scrapbook – Susan McKinney

Today we’re having the lovely author Susan McKinney over the blog! We’ll get to know her family, secret wish, guilty pleasure and all of her favorite things!


1- Favorite Books – Birds of America by Lorrie Moore, The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Urrea

2- Favorite Authors – Luis Urrea, Lorrie Moore, Tobias Wolff, Sandra Gulland

3- Favorite Blogs:

The San Miguel Writers Conference where I met my publisher!
Gina Hyams writer friend who just did a book on pies!
The Mirror– My Mexican middle school students writing imperfectly in English.

4- Favorite place to read – On the back of a horse.  Ha – not!  In a beach chair, really.

5- Favorite hobby – Riding with my daughters

6- Oddball Fact – My father was the 1981 NBA Coach of the Year.  He was with the Indiana Pacers.  His name is Jack McKinney.

7- Secret Wish – To give a reading with my father, who wrote Tales from the St. Joseph´s Hardwood: The Hawk Will Never Die

8- Favorite drink – You thought I’d say Margaritas, but it’s Micheladas! Take the largest beer mug you can find and salt the rim. Add ice,
Clamato, Tabasco, beer.  I blogged about it.

9- Favorite food – Tacos, tacos, tacos

10- Guilty pleasure – Snooki

11- Favorite Band – This dates me.  Talking Heads, B-52s.

12- Any curiosities about you/your blog/your book – The most frequently asked question I get from book clubs and audiences is “What did your parents think about your wish to stay in Mexico and be with a poor teenager?”  To find out the answer, read Flirting in Spanish!

You can find out more about Susan by visiting her Website, Blog and Facebook!

Thank you for sharing, Susan! Wanna be part of this feature? Read about it here and sign up now!

Image Credits
Lorrie Moore -
Book Cover - Tales from the St. Joseph´s Hardwood -
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The Hummingbird´s Daughter -

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