Her Guardian’s Heart by Crymsyn Hart – Giveaway!

Her Guardian’s Heart

by Crymsyn Hart

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Melina was driven into the arms of her vampire and werewolf mates. Her brother arrives one day
to drag her back to her coven. While protecting those she loves, one of her mates falls, leaving
her heartbroken. With her brother dead, she uses all her power to hide herself and those she loves
from the family who banished her. But using her power unleashes the darkness inside of her soul.

For the next two years, she struggles to mend the rift with her mate. In walks Tannin to bring her
to the family she has never known. Learning about her past, she discovers that she’s more than a
witch. Her attraction to Tannin grows while she learns what the darkness truly is in her soul.

Tannin craves her touch. But he doesn’t know if he can open his heart after all the loss he’s
suffered. He must protect Melina at all costs. Taking a chance, he allows himself to give in to the
attraction between them. To do that, he also has to accept the other men in her life and be there
when she returns to her coven and unleashes the darkness in her soul.


Excerpt (18+)

He smiled and slipped the velvet cuffs over my wrists and tightened the straps. He leaned over, opened the drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a black blindfold. Nick wrapped it around my head and tied it securely. Landon drew me up in his strong arms and placed me down a few moments later. I staved off the anxiety because I knew they had taken me into Landon’s room. I stood perfectly still while they lifted my arms and hooked them to a rope that was attached to the ceiling. My arms were slowly hoisted a little higher until they were completely extended, but I wasn’t uncomfortable. Whatever they had on their mind to do, I knew that it would end up being fabulous. It always was. I just had to get over my own fear. That was one reason why I had agreed to let them tie me up in the first place. To completely erase my terror,I had to delve into my past and face the demons that lay there. Many thought vampires and werewolves were evil creatures. They didn’t know the background I had come from.
“Are you comfortable?” Nick asked.
“Good,” Landon responded. His voice was heady with desire.
I braced myself for what he might do. I’d learned so much pleasure from being with my two mates. I loved them and couldn’t imagine having anything happen to them. Something soft was dragged down my back. The touch was silky. Another of the same was trailed over my breast. A moan slipped from my lips from the suppleness. This wasn’t one of the usual toys they used. This was something else. I reached out my mind to peek through one of my mates’ eyes, but found a wall there. They didn’t want me cheating. That would be too easy.
“No fair for you to be peeping. We’ll just have to punish you for that.” Nick licked my neck. I bit my lip and waited for the strike. I expected to hear the crack of a whip or the slap of a paddle, but instead sharp pain struck my back. It dug into my skin like barbs and was then taken away. Before I could recover, I was hit again with more force. I arched forward and moaned. Another strike landed on my stomach.“Ouch!” I cried out.
Someone’s tongue ran over the wounds, lapping at the blood seeping from them. Once the touch of the tongue wound over the gashes, I knew they were mending. They were both at my back and at my front. Fingers slipped between my pussy and began to manipulate my clit.
Before I could reach the pinnacle of an orgasm, another slap of pain wracked my back. The pain enveloped me. Now that I knew what to expect I also knew how to flow with it. To drop within the hurt and let it consume me. When the next hit came, I was prepared and it brought me over the edge, driving me higher and higher. But before I could come, I sensed another strike was coming soon. This time they were across my back and my legs at the same time. Both my mates were trying to launch me into another world. When they stopped, I was left wanting more. They moved the silky strips down my body again and then their tongues were on me. Each one was lapping at the gashes and healing them.
“Are you okay?” Nick asked me.
I couldn’t answer him because I cried out from the orgasm that swept over me. Another crack from the barbs hit me across the ass. The sudden explosion forced my hips forward. At the next one, I came hard and lost my breath. I wasn’t sure if I could take any more. I gripped the rope and waited for the next blow.
“Have you had enough yet?” Landon asked.
I tried to answer him, but at that moment, I sensed something. I tried to focus on it, but another blow came. I cried out. My power flared to life.
“Let me down. Let me down!” I screamed.
“What’s the matter? Can’t take it?” Nick chuckled and ran his tongue along my stomach.
I shook my head, trying to get loose. My power crackled. The wards around the house were falling. Someone knew how to counteract my power. I needed to get to my room to reinforce the protection spells. My mates didn’t understand what was happening.
“No. They’ve come for me. Please! Get me down.”
My mates scrambled to release me. Nick caught me and undid my wrists. I didn’t have time to waste. Landon snarled behind me. I pulled the blindfold off and then rushed toward my room, where my altar and other things were. The men were right behind me. I stopped them at the door.
“Landon, take the back. Nick, there’s another coming up the front. They are stronger than I’ve felt in a long time.” The others looked at me and I saw the love in their eyes. I prayed to the goddess they would be okay. I raced toward my altar and threw myself into every spell that I knew.

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