Celebrating Romance Giveaway Hop – Updates!

I hope you have fun hopping by and get to know a few new blogs, authors and books! I’ll have several giveaways for this event so please keep checking this page for daily updates. I’ll be giving away several books that belog to different romance sub-genres! It’s my first time hosting a giveaway hop so please go easy on me  ; ]


But before we get to that let me present to you the ROMANTIC FICTION NETWORK! This is a place I build for all the romance junkies out there to get together and get know what’s going on! Share your thoughts on the forums, join a group to talk about your favorite romance sub- genre, spread the word about your book, your blog and look for events and giveaways! There will be some cool events, so please join the community and look around. Everyone is welcome!


Today is a PARANORMAL ROMANCE  day where you can win BOTH ebooks by the amazing Sherri A. Dub! Don’t know her yet? Read my review of Goddess Cottage here and If you click, the book covers will take you to the goodreads page.

Enter The Giveaway


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