After All Is Said and Done Giveaway + Guest Post

Guest Post:

Over twenty years ago, my husband to be asked me once if I would be able to forgive him if he said or did anything to hurt me.  I vividly remember shrugging my shoulders and saying ‘Yeah.  If you said you were sorry.’
Now, those words rolled off of my tongue very easily, but the act of forgiveness itself is not such an easy task.  I am not the world’s most forgiving person.  In fact, it takes me forever to get over something.
This brings me to the question of why do we forgive?  Do we do it to make the person that has wronged us feel better?  Or do we do it for ourselves?  And how do we truly forgive someone?
I have met a few people in my life who have the ability to truly forgive and forget.  These people are fortunate souls indeed.  Hurt seems to roll of their shoulders like water.
Elton John wrote a beautiful song for The Lion King called The Circle Of Life.  There is a verse in there that goes ‘Some of us sail through our troubles, and some of us live with the scars.’  As humans, some of have been deeply hurt or even traumatized by something that has happened to us as an adult or in childhood.  It has left us emotionally scarred, because we can’t let it go, no matter how hard we try.
Ethan Harrington, one of the main characters in my book, is such an individual.  He is a tormented soul trying desperately to lead a normal life under the guise of forgiveness.  After All Is Said And Done is about healing and forgiveness.  I have learned over the years to let things go.  It has not been easy, but it is better than the alternative.  Carrying around anger over something that we cannot change can eat us alive.  Does forgiving someone change what has happened?  Of course not.  But I do know that forgiveness can be healing.  Sometimes we must go through the stages of anger, grief, and denial before we can do so.

About After All Is Said And Done

Mary Gramlich from the Reading Reviewer wrote an excellent review that sums up my novel perfectly:

Sarah is married to Gavin, who has had an affair with Jessica, but she is married to Ethan, and pregnant with his child.  They are all doctors sharing partnerships, friendships, and perhaps too much personal space all intertwined together. But right now everything is about to explode as Jessica goes into labor and has a son that everyone but Ethan knows is not Ethan’s.  The affair with Jessica and Gavin was over, spouses had taken them back, forgiveness was extended, and then all the lies come out and the one night turns into a baby.  

Gavin comes clean with Sarah about the baby and their fragile relationship becomes cracked beyond repair and Sarah decides to move on without him.  But Jessica and Ethan live under the guise of the baby’s parentage and Jessica is getting really good at keeping secrets she should be confessing.  Jessica wants them to remain a couple and if lies are needed to make that happen, so be it.  

When Ethan’s father passes away, the pressure of his life explodes like fireworks around him.  Ethan crumbles under the stress from complicated family relationships, his supposed failures and misdeeds until the only comfort he finds is in the bottle of scotch sitting by his elbow.  When the bottle creates new issues and no longer provides comfort Ethan starts to see only a dark tunnel with no light.  When the worst that can happen to you already has what would your next step be?  

The long trip from infidelity to reconciliation is one paved with truces, promises and hope.  When all those things turn into a huge deception no one is going to forgive or forget and the chance of moving on is almost impossible.  Ethan, Sarah, Jessica and Gavin cause pain to one another but when you walk forward what is behind you may stay there and you can rise again from the ashes to build a new life if you are honest with everyone including yourself.

I hope this is enough to pique your interest to check out my book.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a guest here on Reading Romances and thanks to Liz of CBLS Promotions.

It is available on Amazon | Smashwords

A little bit about Belinda:
I have been happily married to my husband (the same man I mentioned at the beginning) for over 21 years now.  I have two great sons, two persnickety cats, and 1 unconditionally loving dog who thinks he’s a person.
I am currently working on my second novel, The Monster of Silver Creek, which is due out in December.  The follow up book to After All Is Said And Done will be published in 2012.

My website | Book trailer | Blog  | Facebook | Twitter

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10 thoughts on “After All Is Said and Done Giveaway + Guest Post

  1. What a thought provoking post, not sure most of us really know how much we would be able to forgive unless faced with the choice. Yes we all know the sayings about forgive and forget, forgiveness is good for the soul. But when it comes downtown it, at least if I was stuck in a situation like your characters I don’t know if I could stick it out. It definitely makes me want to pickup your book and see how the characters come out in the end.


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