SUBTITLE THIS COVER – New Bookish Blog Hop!

Subtite This Cover is a new weekly event here at Reading Romances where we ask YOU, dear reader, to subtitle a book cover! The best subtitle(s) will be posted here next week and a poll will be created! The winner for the best subtitle will be featured on the following week’s post! If you don’t have a blog, please leave  a comment with your subtitle!

Rules: Create a post with your subtitle(s), as many as you want, for this book cover, and link to this post! Please link to the post not the blog! Also, consider following me and feel free to use the event badge! You have the full week (till next thursday) to join.

Have some fun and write what comes to your mind when you see…


What are they saying? Could you give this scene a funny title? What’s going on in there? Let us know!

Find new blogs, laugh, follow! But mostly, have a great time hopping!

Come back next THURSDAY for the next cover!

25 thoughts on “SUBTITLE THIS COVER – New Bookish Blog Hop!

  1. “Get onto my horse!” he commanded.
    “No,” she sighed. “I like the feel of the wind up my skirts, your knee abrading my thigh. The sensations are too great to want to move.”
    He growled skirting her higher to press her breast more firmly against his shirt, to increase the sensation, the excitement.
    The horse stumbled trying to maintain its balance as it’s heavy rider and passenger pulled their weight to one side.

    Thirty seconds after the photo was taken the horse fell and it didn’t feel quite so good anymore.


  2. Woman: “Please pull me up.”
    Man: “I can’t.”
    Woman: “Why not?”
    Man: “Because the author’s name is balanced on my elbow and my contract states that her name is way more important than your comfort.”


  3. Came up with a couple, beginning with:

    A Passion for Glory/A Patient for the Chiropractor
    another one (you’ll have to visit the blog to see it, and

    A Passion for Glory/We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Horse


  4. Well, What comes to my mind when I read this is…..

    First one – Oh dang honey you are caught in my puffy sleeves. Be careful, I don’t want you to rip it I don’t know how to sew.

    Does your clothing mean more to you than my love?

    Yes my dear, it does, I am a member of the gentry!

    Second one –
    How I love you but your too heavy for my me to lift.

    But John you said we would never be apart? What does this mean for us?

    Well, this means that I am going to have to work out to be a more fit man because there is nothing wrong with you!

    Well, just let me down gently and I will find a real man! One that wont leave me hanging on the side of his horse, or in bed for that matter!


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