Stolen Destiny by Gabrielle Bisset + Videotext Review

Stolen Destiny

by Gabrielle Bisset

Author’s Site | Blog

Published June 29th 2011 by Siren Publishing


Released from Nil to find a murderer, a prison-hardened Varek Leale is convinced no woman deserves the man he’s become, but his Aeveren destiny makes him succumb to sweet and sexy Callia Reynolds. To catch the murderer, they turn to Amon Kalins, an ancient Aeveren with the power to control time. But Amon isn’t a man to trifle with and when he wants something, he’ll use his considerable powers, devastating charm, and good looks to get it.What Amon wants is Callia. When he manipulates time and seduces Callia away, Varek must turn to the people who set him free for help to get her back. But the Council doesn’t do anything without requiring something in return, and what they want is Amon Kalins, one of the most powerful Aeveren ever. Varek will do what he must to capture him and find Callia because if he doesn’t, she’ll be lost to him for untold lifetimes

My thoughts:

Stolen Destiny is a thrilling and fresh paranormal romance novel.

After reading Gabrielle’s debut book, I was curious to what she would come up with next. Turns out that Stolen Destiny has the best elements from Vampire Dreams (also a paranormal title, but not related to this book) and not only that, it’s also dense and entertaining.

The story is very creative and the  Aeveren are amazing beings that will leave you extremely curious for more. Varek, Callia and Amon immediately get your attention and show us how it is to live dozens of lifetimes; they’re interesting and it’s impossible to say they’re flat characters!

I could see that there’s a lot of good material here, with the Averens being well explained and not over descriptive. What got me a bit tired was amount of  thoughts and fantasies described through the book. I understand that though, ’cause they don’t live only once!

Give Stolen Destiny and the Averen a chance: it will leave you wanting more and waiting desperately for Amon’s book!  Have you read it yet? Are you anxious as I am? I bet!

The Videotext Review:



You can read my interview with Gabrielle here, and the Vampire Dreams’s review here.

This book was kindly provided by the author. That doesn’t affect my opinion about the book.


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9 thoughts on “Stolen Destiny by Gabrielle Bisset + Videotext Review

  1. If I could go back I would have gone to college right after high school. If I could go back to any time period, I would go back to Ancient Greece!


  2. If I could go back in time, I’d find a way to stop my friend from committing suicide.

    Please enter me in the draw! My email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

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  3. I would take care of myself better while I was pregnant. So my son would have a better chance of being normal,instead of mentally handicapped,


  4. I’ll probably spend more precious moments with my father so I could let him know that I loved him dearly and I’m sorry that we lost him.

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