Once Upon a Read-a-Thon


Once Upon a Read-a-ThonThis read-a-thon is running from 12:01 July 11 to 11:59 July 13. The wonderful hosts are Angela from Reading Angel, Lori from Pure Imagination, and Candace at Candace’s Book Blog. The goal is to read more books than usual, and to focus on getting reading in, and hopefully, cleaning some books off the TBR pile.

Thank god it’s time! I’m so lat with my reviews and I hope I can remedy that during the next few days! I’ll be posting what I’m reading as soon as I start a new book!

You can read my updates through this post and on twitter @ReadingRomances when I use the hashtag #OUreadathon

The first hour has begun! Details Later =D

13 and 1/2 Hours to go!

#Update 4

Tonight I read for 3 and 1/2 hours! I’m loving Stolen Destiny!

#Update 3

Read for 2 more hours and finished Ripe For Pleasure! My next book is Stolen Destiny, which I’ve read a few pages already and intend to finish today!

#Update 2

I’m amost finished with Ripe For Pleasure and spend more 2 and 1/2 hours today!

I don’t know if this giveaway is international, but I’ll join the 2nd mini challenge anyways!

Mini Challenge Question 1:
What is your favorite type of myth (Greek, Roman, Egyptian etc)?
By FAR, greek mythology! I always loved it and have read a lot of books about it too!

Mini Challenge Question 2:
What is your favorite book with some type of mythology in it?

Now there’s a hard question…gee..I really enjoyed the first Percy Jackson book!

Aaaaaand that’s it! I’ll update tomorrow!

#Update 1

2 and 1/2 h



Will Read Next:

cover title author avg rating
Stolen Destiny
To Catch a Spirit
Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons, #1)

Leave me your thoughts too!

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