Interview with Em Petrova

“I find that my F/F doesn’t sell as much as my other works, but I feel the genre is at the starting gate, just as M/M was a couple of years ago.

Today I have the pleasure to welcome the author Em Petrova to Reading Romances!

Since a young age Em has been lured by the world of romance and paranormal. She penned her first novel at the age of twelve, and after gaining an arts degree, has returned to her literary roots. She loves to dig deep into the souls of her unique characters and uncover their secret desires when she doesn’t have her nose in a great new read. Em Petrova is the author of Runes, Tattoo Dream, Deux, Trois, Trefoil, The Tempest, Isolde’s Wish and Runestone.

How did it go from writing a spin-off of Sweet Valley High to writing erotica?

Haha! Sweet Valley High is a 12-year-old’s erotic romance! No, actually, I wrote my first erotic romance on a  whim. I’d spent over a year butting my head against the doors of agents and publishers in the mainstream paranormal romance world. One day I thought I’d try my hand at erotic romance, though I’m embarrassed to say I’d never read one. I wrote 3 chapters and submitted to Red Sage. Two days later I received a request for the full manuscript, which wasn’t finished! So I locked myself in my office for four days and wrote the rest. I submitted on the fifth day, and two days later received a contract.

What authors do you enjoy reading? How do they influence your work?

My all-time favorite author is the goddess Anne Rice. I love her descriptive writing. I get lost in her works over and over again. As a result, I’d like to think I bring a bit of her macabre style to my work.

I like to find the gritty sides of my characters and their worlds and reveal them.

You also write literary fiction under the name of Em Peters, right?

Yes, I have a book coming out under that name in October 2011. In fact, I’m filling out the cover art request today! The title is Moon Child, and it’s a paranormal romance similar to The Lovely Bones or The Time Traveler’s Wife.

What is it that you wanted to express with Em Peters, that you couldn’t as Em Petrova?

They are two totally different brands.

Em Petrova will set your computer or e-reader on fire.

Em Peters has a bit of the steamy in her writing, but the main theme is different. I used two different names because I don’t want people to be confused about what they’re picking up.

Talking about things getting on fire…What’s your “aha” moment when writing a sex scene in a book – the point at which you realize you’ve captured the essence of a hot tryst?

To be honest, I have no problem writing sex scenes. In fact, the scene plays out in my mind like a movie, and I write as fast as I can.

Readers and editors tell me I write the hottest sex scenes they’ve ever read, and I’m damn proud of that!

Haha, you should be! What do you think about the statement that “F/F doesn’t sell well”?

 I recently did a poll on a menage group I belong to on Goodreads, asking if readers enjoy F/F interaction, or if they tend to shy away from it. I was stunned by the response!

Dozens of women came out of lurkerdom to express their feelings on this topic.

In the end, I discovered women love to read about other women pleasuring one another, as long as there is a connection of some sort. Just as we like to see a bond between M/F characters, they don’t want to read F/F sex just because the writer needed to up her word count. That being said, I find that my F/F doesn’t sell as much as my other works, but I feel the genre is at the starting gate, just as M/M was a couple years ago.

Do you think that there’s still some “prejudice” or fear from the readers to pick a gay novel?

 I think some women are worried that they’d get turned on by it, when they have always locked themself into a “straight” profile. I actually had a loyal reader question whether or not she should buy Tattoo Dream, which is a M/F/F work. After I talked to her about it, she gave it a try and loved it.

I’ve actually found many female readers expressing this same idea. Try it–you’ll like it 🙂

Stay tuned  TOMORROW for the second part of this awesome interview! She will tell us if her family and friends know about her books, what she has learned about herself after started writing and being published!

If you wanna know more about Em Petrova’s books go to her site and follow her on twitter!

7 thoughts on “Interview with Em Petrova

  1. Hello Em,

    Your teaser interested me since I released my first f/f novel, “All-Girls Academy,” last week. My publisher recently updated their submission guidelines and offered the insight that most of their f/f are read by hetero women, so that plays into that fantasy element.

    Best of all!



  2. Great interview! I love Em’s erotic writing. It’s very sensual and the love scenes are hot. I think she has great talent and will do wonderful things with her writing. All the best to you both!


  3. Nice to meet you, Em!
    I’ll have to admit I’ve not read any f/f fiction, except for the old book from my…ahem…youth…Macho Sluts. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit titillated.
    But I have author friends now who write this genre, and I’ve been intrigued and interested to read it.
    And I think you’re right…it’s just that secret side of us that doesn’t like to admit we ‘like’ to read same sex fiction when it’s OUR sex…LOL.
    Congratulations on the upcoming release!


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