Wednesday’s Events (XI)

• What are you currently reading?

 Waking Up With the Duke , by Lorraine Heath

• What did you recently finish reading?

Happy Endings by Viva Jones

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Dawn’s Early Light (Psi-Corps #2) by Xakara

U.S. Marshal Mackenzie Matthews has spent thelast six months on the most important witness protection assignment of hiscareer—protecting PsiCorps’ own. The four agents under his care in the programhave always had his admiration but now, under such close quarters, they’veearned his affections as well. Bonds formed after a dramatic showdown onChristmas Eve and the concerted efforts in its wake to build a sense ofnormalcy around his pregnant charge has Mackenzie that happiest he’s been inyears and the most frightened.

He dances along the edge of the polyrelationship between the agents, soaking in the emotional intimacy and physicalaffection, but turning a blind eye to something more. He’s been alone in theworld since the death of his cousin six years ago and all he has, the mostimportant people in his life, he owes to her. The remnants of an intimatenetwork that once held his cousin close to its heart surrounds him. HisResonance Partner Kincaid, once a part of her Triad. His new found crushQuintus, once her closest college. And his long term fascination Riley—nowpregnant and emotionally vulnerable—her best friend for years. He stepped inand took the assignments to honor her, but he knows the ghost of her hides inhis smile and haunts the ones she loves. The ones he loves now too.

To push for more not only questions hisintegrity as the lead marshal on the case, but it threatens the surrogatefamily that has engulfed him a sense of home. Mackenzie is the only one thatcan see the danger in every step he takes—so he stands in place. He soon learnsthat he’s the only one not willing to move forward. In a whirlwind ofrevelation as the country celebrates the stars and stripes, Mackenzie is facedwith what it means to truly be free. He’ll learn that sometimes, no amount ofcaution can save you from what’s meant to be. Sometimes, no matter how deeply you bury secret desires in the darkness, it takes but a single kiss to reveal it all, by the dawn’s early light.

Just cause she works really hard!!

Expected publication: July 4th
Read my interview with Xakara and my review of her novel Shifting Passions.

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