Shifting Passions by Xakara


Shifting Passions

Shifting Passions

by Xakara

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Published February 26th 2008 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Publishing/ Book Depository

 When best friends and half-blooded Shape-Shifters Nathan and Lena go from friends to lovers and back over a summer, they set the groundwork for dreams and fantasies that will plague them both even three years after their fling has ended.Nathan’s lover during that three years is Armand, another Half-Therian who has had his fill of poly relationships in the past. But watching them together, Armand is pulled into dreams and fantasies of once more being drenched in love and desire from all sides.All three are brought into a cycle of longing and retreating until summer heat brings out the animal in everyone. Sometimes you just have to go with the things that make you happy. Sometimes you just have to follow your shifting passions




Nathan and Lena have been best friends, lovers, neighbors, and now that he’s dating Armand, their friendship is shaken and fragile. How far can they go? What is right and wrong? What are Armand’s thoughts about them? Lena is confused and the sexual tension between them is inevitable. Untill she finds something about Armand that changes it all…

This story has a strong cultural element brought by the half-blooded Shape-Shifter’s Lena, Nathan and Armand. The Poly relationships between the Therians is very valid to what this title has to offer. The paranormal line is very strong and fundamental for the plot to feel real.

Shifting Passions is a very solid debut book, with consistent pacing and very hot romance. Xakara is a talented author, tidying up  this story very well.



You can read my interview with Xakara here.

This book was kindly provided by the author. That doesn’t affect my opinion about the book.


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