The Psychological Profile Of A Blogger + Interview

Here was I, getting lost with all the google search results when I find this article:

The Psychological Profile Of A Blogger


It’s from 2008 and they don’t focus on book blogs, but a lot of things are still true.I’ll be commenting the best bits, Okay? K? Let’s go!

According to some collected information about what their goals were, they extracted the following characteristics:

  • ambitious, achievement-oriented
  • interested in community
  • reader-oriented
  • visual
  • self-reflective

“They also appeared to be interested in learning, a bit obsessed, playful, conscious of time management, value-oriented, and to have a desire to be effective and focused.(…)As I was reflecting on this, I also wondered about characteristics not found there. Greedy, for example. Most of the bloggers I know are above-average generous”

As book bloggers, we love to have giveaways, right? And on top of that we give our opinions and help people decide if want or not to read the book, and help spread the word about new authors and titles. Aren’t we generous? LOL!

“What I noticed was that these people seemed to have a tendency to be enthusiastic, interested in personal growth, lively, perhaps even intense, open to new experiences, independent, ambitious (again), self reflective (again), introverted, expressive and early adaptors.”

Enthusiastic? ME? No…Okay, maybe! Just…sometimes. We also tend to be very chatting, am I right? ; ]

“Come to think of it, there is a strong connection between being ambitious and achievement oriented on the one hand and the desire to keep on learning on the other. It’s all about being motivated to move forward, about being unwilling to live with the status quo.”

We love learning, reading and writing. Books is what makes us feel motivaded to keep blogging! We’re ambitious cause we wanna read more than we possibly can handle. But what we expect to achieve? That’s the question I’ll leave to you, my fellow book bloggers! Leave a comment and share your opinion!

To read the full article go to:

And also, I was interviewed by the author Nova Sparks at Book Blogger Buzz, her new blog! You can read the interview here!


2 thoughts on “The Psychological Profile Of A Blogger + Interview

  1. I think we expect to achieve new knowledge for the books and new friendships by sharing the experience of reading the same books and talking about them. Blogging allows us all to have an invisible book club. Think about it, we all have friends around the world and never have to leave home!


  2. I have to agree with a few points, but some not so much. Nothing about the book bloggers, or the “mommy” bloggers in general. When I first got into the blogging game, I was ghost writing for some of the heavy hitters out there. The “boys club” as I like to call it. And though they’d give advice here and there, they never really came clean with any real advice on how to make a go of being a full-time freelance bloggers. That kind of information was available, for a price. No, I have to say that since I’ve joined the book/giveaway/blog hop bloggers, I’ve found a much more relaxed atmosphere and am much happier in this world than in theirs. 🙂


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