On the Way to the Wedding (Bridgertons #8) by Julia Quinn

To Sir Phillip, With Love (Bridgertons, #5)On the Way to the Wedding

Historical Romance/ Adult

by Julia Quinn

(Bridgertons #8)

Published June 2006

371 pages

This review doesn’t contain spoilers!


Unlike most men of his acquaintance, Gregory Bridgerton believes in true love. And he is convinced that when he finds the woman of his dreams, he will know in an instant that she is the one. And that is exactly what happened. Except…

She wasn’t the one. In fact, the ravishing Miss Hermione Watson is in love with someone else. But her best friend, the ever-practical Lady Lucinda Abernathy, wants to save Hermione from a disastrous alliance, so she offers to help Gregory win her over. But in the process, Lucy falls in love. With Gregory! Except…

Lucy is engaged. And her uncle is not inclined to let her back out of the betrothal, even once Gregory comes to his senses and realizes that it is Lucy, with her sharp wit and sunny smile, who makes his heart sing. And now, on the way to the wedding, Gregory must risk everything to ensure that when it comes time to kiss the bride, he is the only man standing at the altar…

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About the title:

On the Way To The Wedding – GO GREGORY!

What I expected:

I wasn’t expecting much, Gregory was an Ok character and the blurb didn’t get me excited to red it

What it was:

JQ did it again! Totally surprised me!

My Reactions:

Gregory, you’re a LOSER!

My Thoughts :
I really liked this book after a passing some pages, it didn’t get me hooked at first. I don’t have much to comment, I don’t wanna give any spoilers away, but it was a good ending to the series. I didn’t think it was amazing, but good.

MUST BE READ: To finish the series and get angry at Gregory for being stupid to no end.
TO BE READ: Come on, at least to complete the series!
NOT TO BE READ: Are you kiddin? You can’t stop now!

Worth buying? Yes.

Cover Art: 4/5
Plot: 3/5
Setting: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Dialogue: 5/5
Originality of Plot: 4/5
Characters Development: 4/5
Ending: 4/5
Pacing: 4/5
Likelihood to Recommend: 5/5

Analytical Ratings: 43/50- I might be in love

SEXUAL CONTENT – I see fireworks!


My Selection of Quotes (From Goodreads):

“He stepped toward her, and her heart just ached from it. His face was so handsome, and so dear, and so perfectly wonderfully familiar. She knew the slope of his cheeks, and the exact shade of his eys, brownish near the iris, melting into green at the edge.
And his mouth-she knew that mouth, the look of it, the feel of it. She knew his smile, and she knew his frown, and she knew-
she knew far to much.”

“Gregory,” she said, “you cannot leave me here. What if someone finds you and removes you from the house? Who will know I am here? And what if…and what if…and then what if…”
He smiled, enjoying her officiousness too much to actually listen to her words. She was definitely herself again.
“When this is all over,” he said, “I shall bring you a sandwich.”
That stopped her short. “A sandwich? A sandwich?”

This is a compilation of the material avaliable on JQ’s Site

I came up with the title of this book during the painful title search for It’s In His Kiss. I was going through the classic movie section at Amazon, and I stumbled across A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I thought—hmm, funny things could certainly happen on the way to a wedding. On a related note, I appeared in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum my junior year of high school. I played the pivotal role of “Third Roman to the Left.” This is not to be confused with my pivotal role in the feature film Heartwood, in which I played “Bridesmaid #2.”

In the summer of 2005, after nine years of marriage (and seventeen years together in total) I learned something new about my husband.   He can’t stand it if his shoes are put away with the left on the right and the right on the left. (He tells me he can’t stand it when my shoes look like that, either, which they frequently do, but I’m relieved to report that he just turns and walks away.) Anyway, since I had already decided to give Lucy a few obsessive-compulsive tendencies, I thought she could have Paul’s shoe issue. But just to be fair, I gave her my OCD thing as well, which is that I always count the stairs as I go up. (My mom says she does that, too!)

Did you all catch the reference to opera singers (and Kate’s distaste thereof)? If you don’t understand why she’s not fond of sopranos, read The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Quite a few people have asked if the name “Hermione Watson” is an ode to J.K. Rowling (whose character Hermione Granger is played by Emma Watson in the Harry Potter movies.) The answer is no, it’s just a coincidence. Or possibly something from the subconscious. At any rate, Lucy is much more like Rowling’s Hermione than my Hermione is.

The UK Cover

Julia Quinn Answers:

Will you ever write a story for Violet Bridgerton?

I can’t even begin to say how touched I am that so many readers want Violet to get her own (second) happy ending, but I’m afraid I just don’t see writing her story. I used to think it was because she was so devoted to Edmund, but after exploring the issue of second loves in When He Was Wicked, I realized that really wasn’t the reason. I’ve thought about it a while, and in all honesty, I don’t think I could come up with anyone good enough for her. Seriously. I just adore her.

Will you write books about their children?
I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the Bridgertons…

Music that inspired Julia Quinn’s writing, music that reminds her of her books: “I didn’t always realize it when I was writing them, but each of my books has a soundtrack”.

On the Way to the Wedding

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes
Okay, so only two of Gregory’s seven sibs were present at the ill-fated wedding, but every time I hear the line: “A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back,” I picture Gregory fighting his way to the altar.“Belleville Rendez-Vous” from The Triplets of Belleville
I listened to the soundtrack to this movie constantly while I was writing this book. I’m still aghast that it lost out best song at the Oscars to that boring Lord of The Rings thing.

“They” by Jem
I was listening to Jem’s debut album Finally Woken pretty much whenever I wasn’t listening to The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack. I picked the first track because it reminds me a lot of the end of the On the Way to the Wedding, but the whole album is fabulous.

“The Impression that I Get” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
“I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested. I’d like to think if I was, I would pass.” This line just always makes me think of Gregory (who did get tested, and I think he passed!)

On the Way to the Wedding was named Best Long Historical Romance of 2006 in Romance Writers of America‘s annual RITA Awards. Don’t miss the full list of winners.

On the Way to the Wedding spent four weeks on The New York Times bestseller
list, peaking at #6.

Six weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, debuting at #4.

Selected by Amazon.com as one of the top ten romance novels of 2006.

Four weeks as a Publishers Weekly bestseller, rising as high as #7.

A Main Selection of the Rhapsody Book Club, and a Featured Alternate
Selection of the Doubleday Book Club

Soon to be available in audio and large print.

Have you read this book before? What did you think?


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