Wednesday’s Events (IV)

• What are you currently reading?

What Happens in London , by Julia Quinn

• What did you recently finish reading?

Wicked Temptation , by Eliza Lloyd

 Deux (The French Kiss Chronicles) by Em Petrova

• What do you think you’ll read next?

The Dome by Nova Sparks

The Last Soul , by Carolyn Rosewood

Why I Love Wednesdays…Who is Your Favorite Author?

This week’s topic: favorite author.

I have to say that I can’t pick ONE. I really like Kresley Cole and Julia Quinn, but you can’t compare their work as they’re very different from one another. I would have to use to choose one! lol

1. What is your favorite thing to do on a sunny bright Spring day?
Going to the beach!

2. What is your favorite color?

3. Do you have a favorite month of the year?

by Kresley Cole

Really, one YEAR between books? Are you kidding me?! I’m almost having a heart attack!!

Expected publication: January 2012

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