Storm’s Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst

Storm's Heart Book

Contemporary Romance

Storm’s Heart

by Rachel Lyndhurst

February 14th 2011 –Salt Publishing

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When Greek lawyer Andreas Lazarides and bistro-manager Kizzy Dean clash over the executing of his mother’s final wishes, Kizzy’s turbulent past kicks up a storm in Andreas’s heart that rages until his own explosive secrets are revealed. – Goodreads


Andreas is a rich man, stubborn and a girl’s dream come true. Kizzy is alone in the world and too soon she’ll have no job and no home. They both share a troubled past and scars from that time which stop them from moving forward with their lives.

The conflict was limited to the Hero and heroine and their internal struggles. We see the mighty Andreas fall in love for the first time and question his values and beliefs.  He goes through a major change during the book, influenced by Kitty.

There were no external antagonists in this story as the plot was focused on the development of the hero and heroine as a couple. I would have liked to see less narrative and more action and dialogue. I enjoyed the beginning and ending, but somewhere in the middle I felt the pacing slowing down considerably. The next twist happened late, around the last chapters. I couldn’t read it in a single sitting.

This delicious story by a talented author made me very happy by the end of the book, with a twisting scene that left me with my mouth open! An amazing ending.



This book was kindly provided by the author. That doesn’t affect my opinion about the book.

Storm’s Heart is also available from all good online bookstores in paperback and digital form.

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