Review – Scandal At The Farmhouse by Cody Young

Historical Romance

Scandal at the Farmhouse

by Cody Young

February 11th 2011 -Salt Publishing


Clara never intended to ensnare Ned, she simply wanted to get out of marrying the Major. She asked for a kiss, and got much more. Soon, she is entangled in a web of lies with Ned, and as her feelings grow for him, she’s not sure she wants to escape. – Goodreads


The cover of Scandal at the Farmhouse is very soft and delicate just as the story is, but pay attention to the color red.

The book has a strong beginning, a beautiful and interesting plot and headstrong protagonists. Clara, our heroine, caught my attention from the start and she’s very easy to relate to. But by the end of the book she changes her mind so fast I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth. It was too sudden, maybe she could have realised some things before the last chapter. Now Ned’s such a touching character it’s impossible not to like him! This SWEET, sweet story captivated me.

My favorite moment was when they first meet each other. It was a simple but powerful scene, the dialogs were very good. I probably should let you know that I read it on one sitting, why would I stop?? I challenge you! The secondary characters made the pacing faster, always bringing fresh elements in. I have to say I was expecting to know more about Olivia. I was hoping she could get her own book while in middle of my reading – that shows how much I cared for her.

But life isn’t all about that. There’s a very dark and tragic part when the author approaches violence against women. And it’s sad. I was in shock with the twists and how she came up with the solutions, just great.

My last thoughts: An adorable ending to a touching book!



My interview with Cody Young is availabe here!

*This book was kindly provided by the author. That doesn’t affect my opinion about the book.*

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