Thursday’s Events

The BTT question of the week is:

CAN you judge a book by its cover?

Well, I believe you can, but only to a certain point.

As far as I know, authors don’t have much say, if any, regarding their book covers. That leads to images that don’t always relate or illustrate the story in any way, so I don’t think that the image itself (I’m talking about the theme here) should be taken into consideration while buying a book – unless you’re talking about an erotic book with a very explicit image, as you can’t read those anywhere (yay, ebooks!)-.

What you CAN take in consideration is the quality and type of the image. For instance, the CGI covers represents a low-budget, usually for new authors (maybe new publishers too? I’m not sure). Mainstream authors use photos and their images and highly edited.

If you see it that way, you can know a LOT about book by judging/analysing its cover. It would be far too excessive to judge the author’s work by an image he had nothing to do with most of the times.  To judge the BOOK, the author’s work, it’s CORE, you have to read it – sorry, there’s no other way!

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