Old Romance Books- What to do with them?

I got the idea for this post from personal experience. I had a lot of books to donate, but where to? I googled and found a place that accepted them. I was lucky there wasn’t any romance books. Why? Because most places don’t accept romance books, it’s HARD to find one that does. I did a little research and now I’ll share the results about what you can do with them.

1- Donate to hospitals, nursing homes or women’s shelters
“They are always in need of reading material for their patients. FYI, they are also in need of magazines.” There’s not a lot of options to choose from.
Average/ Mainstream Romances

2- Sell them on Craigslist
Any Romance

3- Look for an used bookstore
“Most every major city has a couple of used bookstores, but some specialize in only certain types of books. If you are interested in taking this route, find a used book store that sells mostly genre paperback book. Even better, find one that will probably pay you.”

4 – Be a part of a trading/sharing/swapping program such as: BookCrossing, Bookins, Swapbooks, Paperbackswap, Readitswapit and many other.
Any Romance (check each community to see what’s best)

5- Gift/ borrow it to a friend or fellow blogger

6- Have a giveaway!

Hope this can help!

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Leave me your thoughts too!

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